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Odd PC Behaviour, PC turns off struggles to turn back on

Hello! Here are the specs, and the problem. Please help!
Cpu: R7 3700x
Gpu: Rtx 2080
Motherboard: Aorus x470 elite
Ram: 2x8gb corsair 3400mhz ddr4
SSD: 2x samsung 1tb qvo, 250gb samsung evo Boot drive
HDD: Seagate 1tb
PSU: 850w Silverstone 80plus platinum fully modular
Windows 10 Home 64bit NOT activated
FULL custom loop done by myself, its time for it to refilled but temps are still extremely good, 2080 is at about 53c at load, 3700x at about 75c load, everything is about 8 months old except the drives.

One day my computer just turned off, the ram rgb was on and the power from the usb ports as well (Light stip stays on, but no keyboard mouse rgb?) power button doesn't work once its turned on so i had to switch the power supply off, wait for the power to drain, turn it back on and then it would take along time to boot about a minute or more comapred to 12 seconds or so. Then usually depending how long i had the power supply turned off for determines how long the computer will stay on before its shuts off again. i was just doing this for about a week, as issues like this have come and gone and fixing them was usually trival but somewhat similar and has never been a hardware problem. Now anytime the computer makes it past the password it will shut off, compared to the blue repair screen it will go to sometimes where no matter how long i stay there it wont shut off, same with bios.

Ive only tried making sure that the cables were plugged in all the way (last issue that cpu power wasnt in all the way somehow), but theyre all good, cleared cmos, and ive TRIED to reset my pc and keep my personal files as i dont mind having to do that, however it hasnt let me reset either and just gives me "there was a problem resetting your PC, there were no changes made." I have a windows media creation tool that if i wipe the computer through the blue repair screen i imagine it would be fine, but i really dont want have to wipe everything.

Any help would be appreciated, my pc is unusable.

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