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HELP Mounting a Non-Vesa Curved Monitor

I recently purchased a 24" curved monitor from Acer (Acer ED242QR), unfortunately it is not Vesa compatible. I did some browsing and found mount adapters that go around the bezel of the screen, but there are 2 issues I have come up with. 

1. Will the adapter overlap the screen due to the thin bezel?
2.Will the monitor wobble in the adapter due to being curved?

With these questions I also have the issue of finding a Vesa mount that is even compatible with a curved monitor since most of them say "Not recommended for curved monitors" or "NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CURVED MONITORS." 
Any help with this issue is much appreciated, thank you!

Link to Monitor: https://www.newegg.com/black-acer-ed242qr-abidpx-um-ue2aa-a01-23-6/p/N82E16824011162?Item=N82E16824011162

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