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Display not detected when using DisplayPort and HDMI cable

Hey all,


I'm having an issue where my PC is not detecting my monitor when connected via DisplayPort or HDMI. The computer only picks up signal when using DVI to HDMI.


I recently purchased a Samsung 32" Curved JG50 WQHD monitor that came with a DisplayPort and HMDI cable. I was using an ASUS vx238h monitor before which only used the DVI-HDMI connection.  

When connecting the new monitor using either DisplayPort or HDMI connections the display either searches for a signal then goes to sleep or shows a steady "No signal" message.


I built my PC in late 2016

It has an ASUS Z170-A motherboard and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card.


To troubleshoot I:


- Confirmed the correct source is being displayed (HMDI1, HMDI2, etc)

- Purchased a separate DisplayPort cable

- Un-Installed/Re-installed graphics card drivers and updated to latest version

- Updated Windows 10

- Unplugged DisplayPort cable from monitor, turned off computer, flipped switch on power supply for 1 min then turned it all back on

- Updated/installed latest version of BIOS for motherboard

- Changed the "Power Management Mode" in the NVIDIA Control Panel to each setting and tested.


The issue persists. 


Any thoughts?


Thanks for reading.





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