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PC lit up, won't boot or turn off


SOLVED: PSU was bad lol


MOBO: Asus H170-pro https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/H170-PRO/HelpDesk_Manual/

PC was sleeping, wouldn't wake up from keyboard or mouse input (it usually does), pressed power button, it turned off. Pressed power button again, LED's in case are still off, ethernet light on and flashing, and a power indicator led on the motherboard is on. I looked up what the light meant and it means the pc is on, sleeping, or everything in-between. 

chapter 2. 

(side note, if the order in which this information is being delivered seems strange, its actually just chronologically delivered to me from texting my girlfriend figuring this shit out. This is for my gf's pc).

So, the pc normally beeps 3 times. I had a really hard time finding anything on it in the manual, but I implore the reader to make an attempt for me. 


So, normally it beeps 3 times, but Now there are no beeps. 

Fans  .  .  . 

y o  t h i s  f o n t  k i n d a  s i c k                                                      (Pleas forgive me if the formatting of this post is annoying, i'm just really bored and wannted to make a hella old-school styled post, Hope you like it :D)


Chapter III


This is quite a short chapter, as there very few possibilities that could be alluded by such a word: fans. Followed by a drawn out ellipses as well. 

And one of these possibilities is of course the truth, and it is that fans normally spin upon turning the pc on, and now they do not. Thank you very much everyone. 


Cables, Chapter IV 


(sorry if colors are hard to read, but i'm on dark, dark mode and it's pretty readable.)

So this chapter is about those things we really never assume are failures

and it is quite shocking if one is fucked up. (exept for any cable to due with audio). 

Her pc was powered by a cable plugged into a extension cable which had multiple other devices plugged in (not sure of specifics) which was plugged into the wall. 
I asked her to plug the PSU directly into the wall and for whatever reason she said she can't. 

We also did plenty of frolicking with the power and reset button, PSU cords, and PSU button. Nothing changed. 


Chapter V:

Shadow of the Sun


Something I've always had great distaste for is when a beautiful moment is tainted by an adjacent sour memory. It is quite a painful experience. 

For every shining sight under the sun there is a dark and deep shadow somewhere. 

The end. So yeah if yall have any ideas pls drop em..





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Alright. I read over your issue and, based upon the somewhat vague information given, believe that it could be a dead cpu or motherboard. 3 beeps is usually indicative of a System RAM error, but if she did not do anything and the beeps stopped then A. The RAM somehow repaired itself, which isn't really possible and if it had and was the issue the computer would have booted, or B. the motherboard misread or misdisplayed some other error as a RAM error, which, based on the symptoms, could be due to a dead motherboard or dead cpu *Possibly* *And I mean VERY possibly, like do not take my word for it* that may have been caused by a dying power supply overvolting the motherboard/cpu. I have focused on Information Technology for 2+ years but have only recently started attempting forum help, so if anyone else sees a problem with my post PLEASE correct me and to the poster PLEASE do not take my diagnoses as the real issue, i'm just trying to help out.

Newbie here

2 and a half years in this field

Take my advice with a grain of salt!

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