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Issues with Xbox Live party in windows 10


I keep getting this error whenever I try to join or create a Xbox live party on my pc. It a fresh windows 10 installation with all the Xbox related things in the Microsoft store update. Oddly, ingame chat does work because I was able to communicate with a friend via Ark Survival's game chat rather than using discord. Voice chat obviously works and game chat in Xbox One games played on pc work but Xbox Live parties don't. I'm not too sure what all info I need to provide that might help but here's all I can think of that might be relevant. Right now, I'm just assuming its a recent Windows 10 update that broke something.

Windows 10 Build 19041
Windows 10 Pro Version 2004


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Okay so maybe they fixed this but from what I know there needs to be a special network driver installed microsoft teredo something for parties to work


I'm just speaking from experience so what I say may not work 100%

Please try searching up the answer before you post here but I am always glad to help

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