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Event 41 - Kernel Power help

Recently I had issues with windows in a software way and decided to do a fresh install. So I bought a new SSD and installed Windows 10. 

Besides that I did not change anything about my system. 

After the clean install another problem was on the horizon. Random BSOD and restarts were happening. After looking at the event it said: kernel power 41. 

No clue what that was so I went on the internet looking for a solution. Some people said I had to change the power plan, fast start up, delete antivirus, ran prime etc. I've done all that (except for a new windows install, since one guy also mentioned that it could be a software problem). Currently i'm doing a memory test which is at 90% with no problems detected. 

Do any of you guys know a solution that might help? Had this problem in the past and fixed it? Let me know! 

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