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Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE

I'm looking to get this CPU cooler to replace my airflow fan on my new build but I'm concerned about my space. I have a corsair Icue 220T RGB case and an ASUS Z390-A Prime Mobo. Case fans are blowing from the front to the back of the case, I want to mount this Cooler to the top of my case and I'll have an additional more powerful fan venting it all out the back. Can anyone advise me on this?


For those wondering what is wrong with my current setup, my current fan you see in the picture can only fit in one way (promise I tried every single possible orientation, either ram was in the way or something else was) and thats blowing towards the front which means it's blowing directly into my case fans blowing backwards. Also my mobo has 4 pin RGB headers and this fan only has 3 pins so it's a wire with no use to me.

case picture.jpg

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