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Bluetooth doesn't find devices, but "sees" Bluetooth connection between smartphone and headphones


I bought a USB dongle (Orico BTA-408) to have Bluetooth on my PC, but it can't find any Bluetooth devices.


I am trying to pair my Edifier W800BT 4.0 headphones to the PC and it can't find anything, but when I pair the headphones with my smartphone or laptop it works.


I think the dongle is working, because when my smartphone and headphones are paired together and I try to add a Bluetooth device on the PC, I see "EDIFIER BLE", so it seems like it finds the Bluetooth connection between my smartphone and headphones. If I turn off the connection between smartphone and headphones, the PC doesn't find anything again, that's why I think it can be a Windows 10 problem.


I have tried many things and read many forums, but nothing seems to solve the problem. One solution that works for a lot of people is to access regedit and change WindowsNT > CurrentVersion from 6.3 to 6.2, but when I do it and restart the computer the version is 6.3 again, so I can't even test if that would work.


Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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