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NEC EA271Q - can I get anything better for the price?


I don't care about gaming much (only occasionally, mostly simulators and construction and adventure games, no shooters). My priorities:


- good text quality (I'm a programmer)

- good white uniformity (I hate it when a screen looks dirty or patchy)

- good for watching movies in the evenings

- good colors (not pro grade, but still need to have realistic colors for occasional video and image editing)

- acceptable IPS/PLS glow

- no backlight bleeding

- not using PWM (true flicker free, even on lower brightness)

- not many dead pixels (I can live with one or two)

- solid build, no known instabilities (looking at Iiyama and Dell who can sometimes freak out for no reason and refuse to work with certain inputs or go to sleep unexpectedly or stutter)

- relatively good and sharp text (as I could realistically expect) in non native resolutions, because I'm visually handicapped and, most probably, will have to use lower resolution (Windows DPI sometimes creates more problems than it solves, when dealing with different software).


Also, because of my poor vision, I'm sensitive to various flickers and angular brightness issues and I would like to avoid "backlight bleeding lottery" that seems to affect almost every mainstream manufacturer.


That's why I chose NEC EA271Q that costs about 600 EUR, hoping that NEC might have better quality control and also have higher quality panel "out of the box".


But is it worth it? Can I get anything better for the price?

Can I get the same quality cheaper?

Am I overpaying for the brand name and maybe NEC is not that good as it was?


One thing that worries me is some weird angular brightness shift, manifested by some IPS panels, as seen in these two videos:


It's like a shadow moving over the screen, instead of gradual natural darkening. It is unpleasant, like on old TN panels, especially noticeable for me because I'm using monitors at closer-than-normal distance. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews mentioning this particular issue (prad.de describes it as "When viewed vertically from above, the “gray haze” typical of IPS panels becomes noticeable from around 45 degrees, but not on the entire monitor image, but rather as a wandering stripe that changes its position on the image depending on the changed vertical viewing angle").


So, I'm preparing myself for the buy-return-buy dance, but it would be nice to avoid it, if possible. Maybe I'm too nitpicky.

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