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GPU cuts out under heavy enough load, please help

Sin Stalker

I've been having trouble with my system before this. Posted on here previously. See shorturl.at/NRS01 if relevant. 



CPU: Ryzen 2700x

Ram: 2x8gb corsair vengeance.

MOBO: ASUS Crosshair VI Hero wifi

GPU: Asus rog GTX 1070



I updated to the new driver, then booted up Apex Legends. Just as the zone loaded, all three of my monitors went black. The fans on my GPU went to 100% and everything just stayed like that. I had to reset my system. I am pretty sure that had the 2700x contained an integrated graphics, then the system would have continued running off of that.


I tried running Unigen Heaven and the system did the same thing after a half of second of it starting.


I installed the previous driver. Ran Heaven and the system seemed fine. 


I booted up Apex Legends and became playing a game. Half way through the match my monitors went black and gpu fans spun at 100%.


So now it will work a bit but once it hits a certain load, it'll crash.


I attached a screenshot of GPU-Z data just in case it is of use. 


Is there anything I can do? Should I try dating it apart and applying new thermal paste?  Any suggestions would be appreciated greatly. 





screenshot of gpu data.gif

screenshot of gpu data2.gif

screenshot of gpu data3.gif

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10 hours ago, namvan said:

your PSU specs?

850w EVGA G1 Gold

10 hours ago, ki8aras said:

the 2700x doesnt have onboard graphics, also have you oc'ed?


Yes, that is why everything goes black instead of switching to on board. The 2700x is not OCed. The GPU had a mild OC but was removed awhile ago when problems started occuring. I did try underclocking the gpu, hoping it would let me play with lowest settings but that didnt work either.

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It appears the problem is gone after a fresh windows installation. I still need to test but it didn't cut out during a single match of Apex Legends. 

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