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Dual Monitor Usage issues [Looking for utility/workaround]

Hi all, 

Recently acquired a 2nd Monitor for general usage. I game on my 1440p Monitor, running games at a lower resolution of 1080p. However when I alt+tab, click on 2nd monitor, or WIN+tab, my windows on the 2nd monitor become jumbled, moving their places. I would like to be able to alt-tab/click out/win+tab without those windows shifting places, so I can watch a YT video on the side while playing a game in 1080p. 

The problem only persists while playing a game on a non-native resolution for my 1440p Monitor. Native resolution of 1440p does not produce this problem. 
PersistentWindows doesn't seem to reset the positions of the windows, and any sort of windows scaling doesn't seem to work either. 
I have tried switching between GPU scaling and Windows Display scaling to see if that remedied the problem. No dice. 

Ex: before alt tab, window is placed where it should be. 


After Alt Tabbing, The window shifts to the right slightly. 

My monitors are as follows:
1. Acer XF270HU 2560x1440p 144hz Monitor 4ms response time
2. LG Electronics Full HD 1080p 75hz Monitor 5ms response time

System Specs:
CPU: Ryzen R7 3700x
MOBO: MSI B450 Tomahawk
GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 DirectX 12 GV-N1080D5X-8GD
RAM: 16GB G Skill 3200MHZ
OS: Windows 10 Home


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In game: Are you playing in boarder-less window or full screen? you can try the opposite

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full screen. There is no borderless fullscreen option, and enabling borderless windowed mode.. creates a window. at 1080p. If there was a way to force borderless fullscreen at a lower resolution than native, that'd be  great. I've already tried all the scaling options within Nvidia Control Panel

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