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Sleeper in a VCR


So partly for fun, aswell as a coronavirus project and who has a VCR under their TV nowadays but still a WIP.


Intended to be a media pc for my tv, maybe a bit of (living room) gaming and a lan party machine (easy to move).


Basis is an old Dell inspiron (MATX) that was lying around as didnt worry about destroying it with an old Samsung SSD that was lying around and bought a Be Quiet TFX Power 2 psu so 300watt 80plus bronze with an old Corsair Ram cooler I had lying around, am intending to get a M ITX second hand pc aswell as a low profile GFX card so can improve cooling as its noisy.


Currently running Linux as the gfx card is one of those weird 5gb gtx 1060's that a friend got from cheap chinese retailer so resolution wasnt working correctly in windows, but it does work, but either my bluetooth dongle isnt right or I'm doing something wrong but havent gotten xbox 360 controller to work so controlling using a Rii wireless mini keyboard.


Future mods are sort out the hole for the rear IO shield aswell as mount front IO in the front slot, mount the reset button and installation of a smaller MITX board should allow 80-90mm fans to replace the ram cooler and hopefully a better (less low profile) cpu cooler.



IMG_20200411_161204 (Large).jpg

IMG_20200411_161220 (Large).jpg




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Cheers guys.

3d printers help aswell as using a soldering iron as a knife (yeah the fumes werent nice).

Will put updates when i update it.


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