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Max level of GPU whiout bottleneck


Which is the max level gpu for AMD Athlon 200GE 3,2 Ghz AM4, Asus Prime A320M-K AM4, 8GB DDR4 2400 mhz single channel, Seasonic S12II 520 Watts 80 plus bronze, generic case, 1TB WD caviar blue 7200 prm, windows 10 pro 64 bits, screen with 768 p, (1366 x 768) 32 bits, i like play max the witcher 3 or fallout 4, not the new games, for this i have other pc with AMD Athlon 3000 G, Nvidia GTX 1050 TI rog strix 4gb gddr5 128 bits, 1tb wd caviar blue 7200 rpm, 1 tb wd caviar blue 7200 rpm, seasonic s12ii 520 watts 80 plus bronze, asus prime a320m-k, 8gb ddr4 2400 mhz, cooler master cm 590 iii case, windows 10 home 64 bits, in future i am updgrade Athlon 3000 G for any Ryzen 3 3100, and i have to install 8 or 4gb more in my second pc, the problem is my first pc with 200ge, which is the max level of gpu for this cpu whiout bottleneck, i waiting for yours answers.


The gtx 1650 has a bottleneck with athlon 200ge? The rx 570 has a bottleneck?

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3 minutes ago, siggames said:

i like play max the witcher 3 or fallout 4

does witcher 3 even play well on a dual core at max? regardless of GPU, I think you are looking at poor performance. Might as well get the cheapest good GPU you can get, because at this level of performance, bottleneck is totally unimportant.


Sure the RX 570 might be too powerful for this CPU, but it's usually a lot cheaper than a GTX 1650, so even if it's "too good" for an athlon, you should never pay more for less performance.

I WILL find your ITX build thread, and I WILL recommend the SIlverstone Sugo SG13B


Primary PC:

i7 8086k - EVGA Z370 Classified K - G.Skill Trident Z RGB - WD SN750 - Jedi Order Titan Xp - Hyper 212 Black (with RGB Riing flair) - EVGA G3 650W - dual booting Windows 10 and Linux - Black and green theme, Razer brainwashed me.

Draws 400 watts under max load, for reference.


Linux Proliant ML150 G6:

Dual Xeon X5560 - 24GB ECC DDR3 - GTX 750 TI - old Seagate 1.5TB HDD - dark mode Ubuntu (and Win7, cuz why not)


Trash beauty:

Xeon X5550RX 570 4GB (defective) -Fattydove Racing 240GB - WD Blue 320GBHP Z400 - 6x2GB DDR3 1066 - EVGA 450W3


How many watts do I needATX 3.0 & PCIe 5.0 spec, PSU misconceptions, protections explainedgroup reg is bad

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