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Help with CPU pinned at 100% Usage in Sony Vegas (Recommended CPU Upgrade?)

Recently I've started doing more video editing than gaming to try and work on my YouTube channel (GTech if you're interested) and I've been having a LOT of issues with just playing back footage. I've been shooting at 4k 30fps and doing anything more than just playing back a single video causes playback framerate to drop dramatically. I'm using quarter resolution in the preview window with two 4K clips side by side (cropped to fit in a 16:9 4k window) and am getting <1fps playback. I would RAM preview my timeline bit by bit but that nearly doubles my editing time and only gets me a few seconds of uninterrupted playback at most, which is an issue for my frequently 20+ minute videos. Any recommendations I can do in Vegas to fix this?


My specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/StrikerX1360/saved/gWLjpg


I AM considering a big CPU upgrade sometime in the future to a Ryzen 9 3900X or 3950X because the large core/thread counts. I made this post about a month ago asking about the best choice between a 6950X (to stay on the same mobo), Ryzen 9 (to get back on the mainstream platform), or Threadripper for crazy enthusiast performance.


I'd appreciate any recommendations you guys might have on hardware, or solutions for the software.

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no reason to change the hardware

Check what the bitrate of the videos is , clearly it's far to high to be played back normally. And or use premier and not vegas , I have no problems playing 4k 30 back so sure your machine should be able to as well

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4 minutes ago, emosun said:

Check what the bitrate of the videos is

I'm using two different clips;

-one being a 30fps screen capture on my 1440p Ultrawide monitor [Total Video Bitrate = 2635kbps| Audio Bitrate = 134kbps]

-one is a 29.970fps recording from my LUMIX G7 camera [Total Video Bitrate = 94485kbps | Audio Bitrate = 125kbps]


I now see the serious problem with my camera bitrate being incredibly higher haha. How do I go about fixing this? I'm still learning the ins and outs to my camera.

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Idk those bitrates should be playable on the machine. Are you able to play those files back in just a regular video player?

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Yeah I use VLC Media Player and it shows the clips perfectly fine. Maybe I'm not allocating enough RAM or GPU horsepower to Sony Vegas? (kinda using a cracked version because I make $0 from YouTube and don't have the money to drop $20 a month on Premiere) It's also very finnicky when trying to enable CUDA acceleration to rendering as it just refuses to render for more than 1 second before spitting out an error. CPU-based rendering works just fine.

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