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Need help deciding on new gaming monitor

I’ve build a new gaming pc and was looking for a monitor to go with it.  I’ve got a 5700xt and a ryzen 5 3600. Sadly living in a third world country, there’s very little choice here and the only decent ones I could afford were:

Dell s2719dgf 27inch 1440p 155hz


ViewSonic XG2405 24″ 144Hz


I’m not into competitive games at all, and only plan to play single player games. What I care most about is how the game looks. So I guess my question is, what would look prettier, a 1080p IPS display or a 1440p TN.



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In my opinion if the choiche is restricted to those monitor alone, then in my experience you will benefit much more from the higher resolution rather than the change of panel type, so I would go for the 1440p monitor.


I also second boggy77, if you don't play competitive you won't really need those high refresh rates monitors (and your 5700XT is not going to be able to push that at 1440p anyway - in most modern titles you will be ranging around 70-100fps).

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