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How Would i combine 2 Samba Servers

I have 4 Samba Virtual Drives on my network each consisting of a tb of storage. 4 different Pc's each with with there own samba server hosting a virtual drive how would i combine all of them i to one i heard about mergerfs and unionfs but i am unsure how to approach this.

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Both mergerfs as well as unionfs are a step before samba. They are merging virtual drives on a single machine together to be then shared by samba after the fact. They won't help you with this at all. I'm not even sure if you can combine samba server at all, but even if, it would be a horrible mess.


You could try to look at something like glusterfs which is made for combining storage shared over the network. I never really worked with it, so I can't tell you, if it creates a samba shareable virtual drive, or if it has it's own way of presenting its virtual drives to the outside.

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