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Strange question ¯\_(° ͜ʖ °)_/¯ I notice people walk a good few away from their car and then lock it? Why does everyone do this?


On 5/28/2020 at 3:34 PM, Zodiark1593 said:

I don’t do it.

No power locks in my car. :D


You’re lucky. Four out of five doors on my car lock. One doesn’t unlock. Literally to break into my car you just open the door. 

for the thread, I don’t really walk a while away from my car to lock. I used to, because my wing mirrors close in when I lock and the lights flash. It’s pretty cool.

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I don't have doors on my vehicle.  I ride a motorcycle when I'm home.  Now my semi aka lorry has remote locking. Love it. I also don't need to use the fob to get back in. I just walk up to the door and it unlocks. Fantastic. 

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This hasn't been a thing for a long time so I don't recall at what point I pushed a button on a key fob.  My current car locks when I get far enough away (Tesla) or I touch the sensor on the door handle (BMW).

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My truck has remote locking, I'm usual 2-3 steps before the button pushed.  Only reason is thats about how far I can walk before my hand reaches my pocket and gotta push the button before the keys get dropped in. 


My car doesn't have remote locking so it's either push the electric lock button before closing the doors or manual lock the door with the key.  Now granted my car is old enough to have a separate key for the doors and ignition so it is rather nice that even as a 1987 model is has central locking, they just hadn't figured out remotes yet.

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