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New rig for DAW and gaming

Budget (including currency): GBP 1500-1700 (not including peripherals or monitor)

Country: UK

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Ableton live, Cubase, FL studio, gaming (1440p), light office work. Win10

Other details:

Hi all, I'm looking to build a new rig so I can get into home music production (EDM). I currently have an ancient laptop so starting from a completely clean slate. I would also like the rig to be a fairly ok gaming setup to enable good to best graphics settings at 1440p on most top titles.

The best value CPUs look to be AMD at the moment and I've been looking at 3700-3900, however there seems to be some reports of issues with Ryzen and latency for music production so many have stayed with Intel. I've seen reports that this can be negated by getting low cas (14,15,15,35 samsung B-die) 3600 ram and OCing to match infinity fabric at 3773mhz. Can anybody advise if they've had experience with this. Also looking for a mainboard that works well with DAW workload and has lots of external I/O to except external DACs controllers etc.

As a non essential, also thinking white case and white and black build, however hardware suitability comes first.

All help and suggestions gratefully recieved.



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new amd cpus are supposed to come out in august so id suggest you wait

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