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Can i plug in a ssd to new pc


will it work by plugging in a ssd with windows 10 already installed on it and other files to a brand new pc without any problems?


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Just now, vEryk said:


Honestly I always fresh install my machines as windows will still have drivers from the old machine.

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fair enough but i sold my old pc and i’m upgrading and i have no other method to refresh my ssd 


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It can often work but it's not guaranteed. Best practice is to do a fresh install especially with any big platform changes. 

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1 minute ago, vEryk said:

so i will have to buy a new ssd 

No, you can use the one you have.

You can just plug it in and deal with the driver replacement, potential re-activation, etc., or you could install the OS from scratch on that same SSD. Either way you use the same SSD, not a new one.

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