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F@H Web Client Dark Skin with PPD comparison by GPU / WU

Go to solution Solved by LAR_Systems,

HI everyone,  Quick update. 


There was some server updates today to deal with server resource issues so sorry if you  were impacted by some strangeness like WU averages etc. being a little strange while this occurred.


In addition to the cleanup you will now find that for GPU projects the Atoms and Cause is reported on the slots.

Atoms and Cause coming to CPU slots soon.




The PPD indicator has been updated so there is a +/- 10% tolerance for the red or green indicators coming on for when you GPU slot is operating within this "Average" range making it a more useful indication as to when PPD is out of the ordinary.


Project pages on the database site have been updated to show the Atoms, Core and project branch status of projects.


And CPU based project pages (link found in the CPU slots in the web client) now contain the BETA charts for PPD-PLC (PPD per logical processor) as that system builds data and is under review.




These client based updates will trickle in to the wild over the next couple hours and take effect with a refresh of the page when they do.

13 hours ago, shorttack said:

Found your sight last weekend and joined immediately. Giving you 3090, 3080, and 2080 super clients.


What I can't explain is why my clients are doing so much better than your average clients? The 3090 is doing 51.5% better than the database average on project 13428, yet my machine is an Ivy Bridge_E 4-core from maybe eight years ago. However, almost all my clients run Linux Mint 19. My Windows testing never came near to a 50% Windows penalty.


Any ideas? Any thoughts for new features that allowed you access to folding client platform data?

DX79SI config 4.57 kB · 0 downloads

Hi, thanks for installing!


Aside from what the others have said, Linux is better PPD, faster cards people tend to downclock... etc.

Project 13428 has historically been a poor performing project on 30 series systems.   What may have happened is F@H / Project team has modified the project WUs or bonuses as I can see these kinds of fluctuations in the data that are bigger than just normal daily adjustments.

For the newer 30 series cards I know from what I'm running F@H is leaving a lot of GPU power on the table right now, so hopefully they are further optimizing work units for the newer cards. 

All that said... I have been collecting WU data from the client by OS for a couple months now and with the most recent version of the website deployed I can start working out the best way to convey that data on the site and in the client.   

Right now you are seeing the GPU / Project average, but I want to get it so you are seeing the GPU / Project average by your OS as well for better comparisons.   

But then I need that info on the site side by side as well for when people freak-out someone says they are getting way higher / lower PPD on the same cards not taking OS and drivers in to account. :)

For now, just keep folding, you might have gotten some project test WUs that are just faster running and higher reward and they will be washed out by the average of all work, or you're setting the new trend for the project if it's higher reward or more productive now on your GPU and that will start to creep up in the "Average PPD" over time until it levels off to around what your system is producing.

Hardware & Programming Enthusiast - Creator of Folding@Home in the Dark browser extension and GPU PPD database

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FYI: Google has changed the way they review the extension sometime around 12AM EST today and therefore I have to resubmit it updated.


It has to do with the CPU tracking feature, they are suggesting the app does not use the CPU permission, and you can't have an app that asks for permissions it does not use... meanwhile it showing CPU names, logical processors and their PPD suggests otherwise.

I assume it's a matter of review automation not being able to tell how it's used, and it's hopefully resolved quickly.

Kinds feeling like Luc with floatplane app fun right now.  

I will update once back online.

Hardware & Programming Enthusiast - Creator of Folding@Home in the Dark browser extension and GPU PPD database

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Hi all, quick update for today!


For those that have not found it already, information on the site for GPUs now shows the average PPD and the separate Windows & Linux PPD averages with this more detailed information also being send to the web client so the WU Reward indicators are more fair based on the OS you're running.

The web client has also had the default Start / Stop functionality stripped in favor or direct buttons that just do what you expect them to without the popup window first.

For users running F@H 7.6.14 or higher this also adds a dedicated Finish button in addition to changing the start / stop to "Fold / Pause".

If you are below F@H 7.6.14 you will only see the fold and pause button as finish is not supported before this or was broke by F@H updates at some point.

These updates should trickle out to your clients over the next 24 hours or so.



Hardware & Programming Enthusiast - Creator of Folding@Home in the Dark browser extension and GPU PPD database

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1 hour ago, A-J-M said:

At FAH, they are playing with the stats https://github.com/FoldingCommunity/fah-stats-front-end/ and making a new stats page: https://statsbeta.foldingathome.org/

And somehow it seems to break the Dark extension (total points and team), at least for non LTT members, albeit the standard Web Control is not affected. 



A patch has already been pushed to account for their changes Monday morning.
When they did their initial update on the weekend they broke the stats / user API URLs for both clients. 

We applied a hotfix to get around the issue fixing it in the dark mode extension, looks like they have restored the originals finally.

You need to update the extension to version 1.1.4. to see the update.   Cheers

Hardware & Programming Enthusiast - Creator of Folding@Home in the Dark browser extension and GPU PPD database

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