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Need help deciding on new RTX 2080 gaming laptop

Hi everyone!


I've been looking into getting a new gaming laptop recently and wanted someone's opinion on which gaming laptop I should buy. After looking at the gaming laptop guide, and doing my own research, it seems to me like the HP OMEN 17t-cb100 is the best deal by far. It has an RTX 2080 super, 16gb of RAM and an intel core i7-10750H for roughly 2200 dollars.


Again, this seems like the best deal by far compared to other retails and just wanted to see if anyone has seen other deals similar to this one. Or perhaps people have had a negative experience with HP that deters them from buying from them?


I attached a quick copy of the specs sheet for those who would like more info on the laptop.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  

A PC recommendation from HP.docx

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