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No video output from new stock build



I am building a new ryzen rig for my cousin. All the main components have been bought new from amazon. These include a asus prime b450m-a mobo, 16 gb of crucial 3000mhz ram, a ryzen 5 2600 cpu (w/ stock cooler), a gt 1030 gpu, a 650 w psu gold by corsair.

I’ve connected all the aformentioned parts to the board, but when i connect the two power pins and the fans start running no video output comes out of the machine from neither the hdmi in the gpu nor the one in the motherboard. I tried the vga connector from the board too. All the components are stock and have never been used before, since they all arrived in the last week.

thanks in advance

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I want to question the why of the mix of parts but I wont...


You will not achieve any onboard video from the motherboard, only the GPU can produce a video so only connect to the GPU (CPU has no iGPU).  


What do you mean:

8 minutes ago, Deadwest98 said:

, but when i connect the two power pins and the fans start running 


Something is wrong if during install of the hardware the machine starts to power up.

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Good evening, thanks for the reply.

I didn't explain myself very well, what I meant is that when I tested the machine to see if the uefi bios showed up, by connecting the two pins that power up the mother board with a screwdriver, the system would turn on, as evidenced by the fans spinning, but there was no output

That said, a bit of the good old "troubleshoot until it magically works" did the job and I got the output. Still no idea why, since I had already tried that hardware combination but regardless, all is well.

Edit: yes I knew that only "G" CPUs from ryzen's lineup have an igpu, that's why I bought a cheap gpu (the option for a 2400g wasn't available sadly)

I tried the ports on the main board just out of desperation

Edited by Deadwest98
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