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Are all these 8 pins the same?


I need 2 x 8 pin and 6 more pins for my new PC build with a 2080 ti. My power supply has this on the back (see picture).


My question is, can I use any of the 8 pins for my GPU and CPU? Are they technically all the same? They look the same, but way its laid out makes me wonder if those two 8 pins on the left are PCIe and the two 8 pins on the right are for CPU.  It doesn't actually matter does it as long as I use the right cables?


Thanks for any help, this is my first build!

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 11.03.25 PM.png

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The 4 connectors on the bottom right are all the same connector, specific to your power supply.

You can use 4 cables with pci-e 8 pin connectors at the end, or you can use 1-2 eps connectors (8 / 4+4 for cpu) + 2 cables for pci-e 8pin , or you could use  4  eps cables (for cpu)

The psu won't care.


Just keep in mind that the connector on the power supply will be custom for your psu model  or models from that manufacturer, so if you buy custom cables they'll have to be for your psu model.



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