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Magni 3 + AKG k371?


Which impedance setting should I select in the Magni 3? HI or LO?




The k371 is supposed to be 32ohm. I have a 600ohm DT770 which stopped working from one side, so im going to buy a k371 as a replacement for closed cans, I've heard they have a neutral sound good for producing. Do I use HI or LO? For earbuds obviously I use LO, but not sure for a 32ohm cans. I don't want the thing to blow up or something.

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The output impedance is low enough that you can do either high or low gain but they are effecient enough headphones that you only really need low gain. You only really need high gain when you need that extra bump in power. Or have a headphone that just appreciates high gain

Feel free to send me a DM for further or general questions.

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