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Replacing the Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2

Background: I need to replace my Chroma v2 keyboard. It's not that its bad, it's that it is way to hard to clean in a short period of time. Little bits of hair, dirt, and other common debris get caught in the corners and sometimes can't be removed with blasts of air. I'm a messy-ish dude with an "organized chaos" take on things, but I cannot stand my peripherals being dirty. I've had it since its release and I've regretted it.


Uses: I primarily use it for playing games and schoolwork. I also dabble a bit in Davinci's Resolve and have been actively learning the program for a few months.


What I'm looking for: High build quality, Cherry MX Red switches, full backlight, full numpad, and ease of cleaning.


Budget: $250


Bonus points: Media controls for volume and music (Spotify).


Note:  I'm perfectly fine with maxing out my budget if someone knows an amazing keyboard that has everything I want and more. Razer Greens are basically modified MX Blues, but I'm ok with the learning curve.


I have ADHD and trying to sort through tabs of articles that vary more wildly than the U.S. President's tweets is taxing to say the least. I appreciate any and all help. Attached to the post is a picture of the keyboard for reference.


blackwidow V2.jpg

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Had a Razer Blackwidow Chroma V1 and replaced it for the same reason the white * background* on the keyboard looked like Ass after 3 years i got the SteelSeries Apex Pro u can set the keys how u want them and the keys are * open * so u can blow out dirt 10x more easy if u can life without mx red switches its maybe worth a look i love it :)  EDIT there seems to be a version with red switches and its even cheaper 

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