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My PC keeps Freezing and Crashing (Losing monitor signal and whole System Frozes)

Hello Guys,

I recently accidently broke my Monitor while Playing CS : GO with Russians and this whole thing happend Like this : I finally managed to rankup back to Legendary Eagle Master and Decided to Drink while my Water Bottle was Behind my Monitor... i took it and my Monitor felt on the corner of my Keyboard and got Destroyed :(.


But after searching in my House i found the monitor that i used back in 2012 and it only has VGA input, My Graphics Card doesn't have VGA input or Output so i luckly Have VGA on my Motherboard and i connected  it there.

Now the Problem is Sience it is Connected to this little 13 inch" monitor It keeps crashing Randomly because the Graphics Card isn't used anymore but my CPU (AMD A8-7600 10 Cores 4CPU + 6 APU) and it Freezes often sience this and i need to Restart my PC cuz if i wait it just looses the Connection to the Monitor :( Especially when Playing Games.


Guys i rlly need help and i hope i can get Help Sorry for My English and Gramar but im writing this fast now cuz my PC crashed 3 times already while writing this 


Best Regards



If you have Questions Just Ask :) i will Answer as fast as Possible :D 

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Hi, have you got a system repair disc for your machine? If not, do you have a pc running the same OS as your PC and a blank CD/DVD*. Or you can try using an OS disk to reinstall windows. 



Hope this helps!!! 


*I can't find the feature on windows 8.1 but i've used it on other systems

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