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My P5 Setup & Custom build desk.



After 4 years of in the work time I am finally at a point where I can consider my gaming setup finished and want to show off a bit!


Main Specs:


Ryzen 9 3900x @4,3Ghz

GTX1070 Amp! Edition (Zotac) (2x SLI) @1995mhz

32Gb DDR4 3200mhz Trident Z RGB (4x8Gb)

ROG Crosshair VIII Formula

Corsair Rmi 750i

Samsung EVO Plus 480gb M.2

Samsung EVO 240Gb SSD

Seagate BarraCuda 4Tb HDD

Thermaltake P5 Case

All Cables sleeved by myself using Alphacool Sleeving



Cooling Gear:


CPU Waterblock: EK Supremacy Evo

GPU Waterblocks: Bykski Acrylic aRGB blocks

Alphacool X-Flow Monster Rad 480mm

Alphacool Eiszyklon 120mm (4x)

Alphacool Eisbecher Reservoir, w. D5 Pump, rpm controllable

Alphacool Water Fan Spinny thingy

16mm Hardtubing

16x Straight Black fittings

1 T-Piece and ball valve for easy draining

5x RGB Hardtube Sleeves + 1 RGB Sleeve for the reservoir




Monitor: LG 34UC88-B 21:9 @3440x1440, 75Hz G-Sync

Keyboard: ASUS ROG Strix Flare

Mouse: Logitech G502 (Wired)

Speakers: Teufel Ultima 20

Headphones: Sennheiser HD598c

Sennheiser Momentum Free

Amp: Kenwood Rp0705E

Mic: Neewer BM-700 w. Justin Phantom 1 Power supply


And my Phone is the A71. Pics were also taken with this.




I designed and build the desk myself as part of my Carpenter Apprenticeship. Its solid oak and smoked oak, 45mm thick all round (Bit less than 2 inches)

It has plenty of space for cable management via a spaceous cable channel under the desk and a huge hidden compartment accessible from the back.

There is also a hidden Cable channel going down in both legs, covered via magnetically held pieces of oak.

The Monitor is suspended on the "fin" via monitorarm. (to avoid having it clamped on the table in the back, for a cleaner look)

Its weighs in at about 350Kg (770 Pounds). Was Hard enough getting that on the 3rd floor, I can tell you that haha.


Additional comment:


1. VR Setup:

I ordered a Valve index (Current shipping time 15 weeks) and am planning to use the room next door as a VR-Exclusive room. Its gonna take some time untill this project is finished, but I'll be sure to post an update when the time arrises.


2. Yep, I know my walls are absolutely hideous. Yellow dotted wallpaper, torn apart. I finally have the time (and space) to renovate my room this summer. Might post an update of the look then. Its supposed to be kinda gray-white-black-ish. Well, modern. With more solid wood around as well.



The Monitor arm allows me to some some pretty funky stuff, like rotating this monster vertical, for rediculous LTT Forum Browsing lol


It has a pretty large range of motion, going from having the monitor resting ontop of my table all the way to the roof, swinging everywhere and rotating and tilting the monitor, even upside down rotation or tilting it flat (as in so you could use it as a table)



Super happy with everything right now. The only thing that will be improved in the near future, when I renovate my room, is that I will make a cable passthrough in the wall so there is no cable visible coming from the pc.

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I thought you meant Persona 5 and I got hyped! Then I realised it was the P5 case and was a bit disappointed,


How is the open case? I'll probably never buy one but how often do you clean it out and how dusty does it get? 

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Slick! No matter how impractical it is, I'll always love the look of dual GPUs.

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11 minutes ago, gloop said:

snip snip

It is surprisingly good regarding dust! I believe since its in open air the dust cant really settle. I clean it maybe twice a year and there is only a very thin layer of dust (as is everywhere). My old case (Zalman 11+) definitely collected way mroe dust than the P5.


It was pretty cool to do a build in it, but for my next case I'll probably get something like the Lian Li-011 with an unusual form factor and lots of glass.

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