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5G Home Broadband Insane Ping Spikes


So, my 5G home broadband (3 is the provider) was working fine (with really fast download and upload speeds, and normally very low ping) until about 2 weeks ago. I started getting massive ping spikes in games (and I mean like, over 2000ms), but it would always go away quite quickly. It seemed to repeat every five minutes or so.

So I downloaded ping plotter, and this is what I found.


I've run it for 2 and a half days The first day was alright, with the ping spikes only happening in the early afternoon (this was friday).



Yesterday, The afternoon was fine, but the evening was terrible (saturday).



So far, today, it has been constantly spiking every 10 minutes.



It always seems to start from the 2nd or 3rd hop (because the 2nd hop doesn't seem to be listed, with for the 1st or 2nd hop, there would be 100% of packets travelling. But by the third hop, sometimes only around 0.4% of packets would make it through.


(btw I didn't know what IPs to censor so I probably did more than needed)


So far, the patterns I have noticed is that it happens quite regularly (when it happens), like, every 10 minutes or so. And that it always starts off low (around 300ms), then spikes up to around 2000ms over a minute, before immediately dropping back down again.



Anyone have any ideas as to the cause? Even if it's impossible to fix, I would like to know the reason I'm starting to hate my internet.


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Contact your ISP with all this information?

I had intermittent daily disconnects with 4G, opened a support ticket with them, couple weeks later they made fixes which solved it.

Your ISP has all the tools required to analyze things like this and they would know much more.

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I figured this is pretty much business as usual for mobile based broadband services, I know it is on their 4G service.

Router:  Intel Celeron N5105 (pfSense) WiFi: Zyxel NWA210AX (1.44Gbit peak at 160Mhz 2x2 MIMO, ~900Mbit at 80Mhz)

Switches: Netgear MS510TXUP, Netgear MS510TXPP, Netgear GS110EMX
ISPs: Zen Full Fibre 900 (~915Mbit down, 115Mbit up) + Three 5G (~500Mbit average down)

Folding@home Live Stats  Folding@home Recent WUs

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