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New 2080super-100%Load/Crash /w Logs

Aloha everyone!  I've been a fan for a bit, but never had a reason to reach out until now...  


==>ISSUE: Over the last 2 weeks since I put my Aorus 2080super in I've been diagnosing a major GPU problem that's left me unable to play any game at almost any settings.  Before this my system worked perfectly with my RX590 Fatboy backup; albeit at lower resolutions. 

-Since then I've used DDU, (safe mode), to uninstall ALL AMD/NVIDIA drivers. 

-Reinstalled NVIDIA 445.87 with windows auto-update off.  

-Updated all drivers at the manufacturer website; through aorus engine, in windows devices/printers.

-Downloaded Nvidia Control Panel.  ("Let the 3d Application Decide")


-NOW: Uninstalled all HW control; NO Aorus Engine, no MSI Afterburner, No Corsair iCue, No RGB Fusion2.0.  Wallpaper Engine disabled for week, (uninstalling that next).  



Just put this together over the last two months; my 4th PC build in 5 years. 

CPU - i59600k (No OC ever)
MB - Aorus z390 ITX Wifi

RAM - G.Skill Trident Z 8+8GB, 3000 (XMP Disabled)

PSU - EVGA 750w GA (Full Mod)

CASE - Thermaltake P1 ITX  

--RISER - Thermaltake AC-045-CN1OTN-C1 TT Premium PCI-E x16 3.0 Extender Riser

GPU - 2080s Aorus 8GB (2 Separate/individual 6+2 Connectors; included with PSU)

MON - Asus VG32VQ @1440p, HDMI2.0

SSD - Intel 660 M.2 1TB (Boot)

--OS - Windows 10 Pro

SSD - Samsung 990 EVO 1TB

HDD - Seagate 4 TB



Artifacts in game include streaking, tearing, stuttering in COD:MW; red spots, lighting and reflection issues in everything especially Timespy Benchmark; spots and flickering in CIV6; freezes and black screens in Tomb Raider, Far Cry, Xcom2, etc. all ending in Directx/Developer Errors.  All these games have crashed at 1 point, MY PC NEVER HAS TO RESTART, but recovers to Desktop: event examples below.   

It crashes in the 1st minute when running Aorus OC Auto Scan in Aorus Engine. 

Crashes in DX12 Timespy Test in under 3 mins. @100% load. / https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/46988902

Plays through DX11 Firestrike Test fine with no spikes but red spots and slight stuttering. 



All logs in Google drive, screenshots are in numerical order by date.  HWinfo logs should be labeled.  




**CIV6 CRASH (Ranges over 3 hours): https://drive.google.com/open?id=11R2qlfAnFSaR2CCLe2a0Es0yW2uhtw1f

Black Screen -> Blue Screen -> Error Message of Failed graphics drivers -> firaxis crash report -> back in desktop; PC did not restart.

**COD:MW CRASH (5 minute Log):https://drive.google.com/open?id=19vHMCtv_zVbGxsRPKqWP8CsDHZPTKLpy

Frozen menu -> Black screen -> Dev. Error message about unrecoverable Directx failure -> back to desktop; PC did not restart.




Mahalo for reading! I have nothing better to do then solve this, so I'll be around if anyone has questions or advice. :)




Its been steadily worse since I uninstalled aorus engine, and the -MHz underclock. Idk if it was the underclocking that helped stabilize it as I didn't have artifacts before in civ6 and cod, but I just had a crash in Civ 6 when in my city center que-ing up production. I was already experiencing some black specs/artifacts on the map and cutscenes and wrote it off as FPS, *(even though its limited to 120 FPS in Nvidia Control Panel and 60FPS in game, @1440p High settings)*. In COD:MW, wih 150+FPS (no in game limiters only N CP), @1440p, Normal settings, I would see black streaks, tears and stuttering.


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Nooo   ;_;


Not a sinlge reply! The nightmare continues! lol 

Guess I should have just asked, a question this forum is used to... 


"A 2070 Super or a 2080 Super?" LMFAO


If anyone's got a clue or previous experience with something similar I'd love to hear it!  Lmk please :)



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