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Chassis fan help for Asus Prime Z270P



I've made some updates to my build and am looking to upgrade my current fan setup. My current case has the basic rear fan it comes with (Corsair 100R) and a Corsair SP120 fan I've got on top as an exhaust.

I'm trying to add a 3rd fan as a front intake, but the board only has two chassis fan headers.


From what I've seen/read, I can simply get a splitter and connect two fans to one header (my current fans are the Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition fans), but it mentions checking out the power usage etc. As far as I can see, the fans use 0.08A (according to this link: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Fans/AIR-SERIES-LED-CONFIG/p/CO-9050007-WW) but I honestly can't figure out if the motherboard will be able to handle a 3rd fan (along with my Hyper Evo TX3 heatsink). Generally most info I've found points to the mobo having 1.00A worth of headroom, and so I shouldn't have any issue, but I just can't tell for certain before I hook everything up.


Does anyone have any experience with this particular motherboard? I've gone through the manual but just can't figure this part out. Its hardly a strong point for me so any help would be appreciated.



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