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Foldaway PC. Any inspirations?


Hi all, new here. So I'm looking to reclaim some space in our kids bedroom as the desk they currently have takes up so much that no-one can get past when another is using it. The desk dimensions are:


110cm W

96cm H

65cm D


When someone is using the computer or console, the effective depth becomes 104cm and this eats into the narrow entrance into their bedroom. Rearranging the room is a no-go, everything else fits only where it can fit so has anyone successfully removed the desk from the equation?


I'm thinking of mounting the monitor to the wall (easy), then mount a folding shelf underneath for the keyboard and mouse (easy-ish), a couple of foldaway chairs that hook onto the wall under the shelf when not in use (easy), and then have the PC on the floor. Ideally I would want to mount that too but it's my old gaming rig and weighs a ton. I suppose I could look into turning it into a micro pc but for now, it would just live in the corner of the room in its huge case.


Are there any flaws with my plan? Any shelves you recommend? All comments will be appreciated.

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