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Hey linuses!!!! first post! can I use my old 120GB ssd for caching?


I have an old SSD NOW 120GB that I don't use anymore, can I use it to cache my HDD? (2tb) can I use it to cache 2 HDDs? (2x2TB), how does it work? will it help me? do I need to order something? can I use my PCI-e slot for something cool?

I just want to use my SSD for something, I have my system on a KC600 that I got for the best price ever and it's the best SSD evveeeeeeeeeer so I don't use my old slow stupid SSD now, but it's stilll faster than a hard drive so I want to use it for something, I prefer something that I can show people and tell them that mine is better. like my HDD is faster then theirs or something

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