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Fixing a scratched monitor

Hi all. Today, while I was cleaning my keyboard, I accidentally dropped it and the corner of the keyboard put a few scratches into my monitor. The scratches aren't that noticeable, but they are definitely there. The monitor is matte, not glossy.

Is there any way to fix the scratches, or at least make them less noticeable?

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not that i know of but someone else might be able to help

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I was able to make the scratches less noticeable by using toothpaste. Just plain white toothpaste. I took a cotton swab, dipped it into the toothpaste, and rubbed it into the scratches. I then took a cloth and wiped away the excess, while carefully making sure that I don't put too much pressure so that I wouldn't wipe away the toothpaste from the scratch itself. The scratches are way less noticeable now. Also, my monitor smells minty :)

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