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SSD Upgrade on a Lenovo X1 Carbon 7th Gen


Hello everyone,

Sorry for lame questions.

I want to upgrade ssd in my laptop, so I faced with two problems:

1) Choose new ssd

2) Data migration plan.


According to device manager currently i have: Western Digital PC SN720 NVMe SSD (pdf)

And as an replacement i choose Samsung V-NAND SSD 970 EVOPlus (pdf)


So at this point I hope you can help me with few questions:

1) Does new ssd that I've selected compatible with my laptop? (It seems like yes, but this mess in m.2 standard makes me worry). Main concern: compatibility with hardware, elimination of bottlenecks

2) Does new ssd that I've selected is a good choice? (I want to buy 2TB one. Usage pattern: no games, some VMs, documents and source codes. Reason: I don't want to worry about capacity anymore). Main concerns (in order): durability, performance, $/gb ratio, power consumption, heat output

3) How to migrate from old ssd to new ssd? I spent last 10 years on linux and I'm not sure if there is any pain-free approach to change ssd in windows world. My main concern: windows license


Thanks, SA

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