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Make VPN connection go over a specific NIC


Hi all,


I have a Ethernet and WiFi on my desktop - both on same network. I need to use a VPN to remote work - its a custom VPN provided by my company not much settings to change unlike if you setup a VPN yourself from Windows 10.

How can I make it so that the VPN connection goes through the WiFi card (its mostly for RDP session not need of too much bandwith so WiFi is more than ok).

I partially succeeded but it requires me to disable the Ethternet , start the VPN and then re-enable the Ethernet. I want to avoid to do this  and also sometimes when I re-enable the Ethernet the VPN drops.


Does anyone tried something like this and could share his setup ? 




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thanks for the pointers - I indeed had some success by adding a route until some windows update since then it wasnt working very well :

so added route for VPN ip to use my WiFi worked partially (at least bfore windows update) but now if both NIC are enabled I cant seem to negotiate the VPN  fully.

If I disabled ethernet then no problem establishing the VPN - with or without route which makes sense since there is only one nic the Wifi one.

Once the VPN over WiFi made if I enable the ethernet sometimes I loose my VPN connection.



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