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Faulty CPU or something else? Need help diagnosing

Hi y'all,

Been having some weird issues with my computer for the last few months. This is my fifth or so build so I'm not completely new at pc building, but also not super good either. Every now and then I'll turn my computer on and the entire system will start lagging. So the first thing I did was check task manager. My cpu was running at 0.56 GHz, when normally runs at 3.49 GHz to 4+ GHz. The entire system was slow, from opening up browsers to frame drops in league of legends (not a demanding game). I was running at 15 fps sometimes. Usually upon restart the computer goes back to it's normal and is riding at 4+ GHz. Need help trouble shooting/diagnosing or figuring out if I have a faulty part that needs to be returned for warranty.


Things I've tried so far as well as other relevant information:

- Adjusted the power options and have the computer on High performance mode and the minimum processor state is set to 100%. Cooling policy set to active

- Cpu seems to be locked at the certain frequency and does not move no matter what apps i open/do.

- Temps according to Ryzen Master are at around 36 degrees celcius, well below its limit for thermal throttling

- CPU is not overclocked

- could it be possibly an issue with the psu and power delivery to the cpu?


My Computers specs:

- Ryzen 3950X

- ASUS GTX 1080 8GB ROG Strix

- G. Skill Trident Z Neo (For AMD Ryzen) Series 32 GB 3600

- Corsair Hydro H100i Pro

-ASUS x570 Tuf Gaming motherboard

- SeaSonic FOCUS 1000W 80 Plus Gold

- Corsair MP600 2 TB ssd

- 2 HDDs


CPU Problem.png

GPU Problem.png

Memory Problem.png

Ryzen Master Problem.png

Ryzen Master Problem 2.png

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Here are some screenshots of the same utilities when the computer is acting like normal:

CPU Normal.png

GPU Normal.png

Memory Normal.png

Ryzen Master normal.png

Ryzen Master normal 2.png

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I could be wrong but it could be the power delivery of the motherboard or the power supply has a single 12v rail which might not be able to handle the cpu. 

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On 5/17/2020 at 7:53 AM, DESTROYER 123503 said:

I could be wrong but it could be the power delivery of the motherboard or the power supply has a single 12v rail which might not be able to handle the cpu. 

No your right that mobo does not have the best power delivery especially pairing it with a 3950x 

But maybe try checking temps or check if the cooler is seated correctly and update the bios 

Clear the cmos and see if this helps 


CPU: Ryzen 3 3100. Board: B550m TUF plus. Memory: 16 (2x8) 3200 cl16 Hyper x Fury RGB. GPU: Gigabyte Windforce 1650 super.  Boot Drive: MX500. Case: Antec NX500 (Quite crappy. :p) PSU: CX450. 


Hehe, Meshify c is a kewl case. 



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Can you switch up the apps you use and take some more screen shots please??


Use HWinfo64. Sensors only, don't moderate the chipset if the pop up asks.

At the bottom left there are arrows. this will expand the sensors so we can see them all without having to scroll.

Then compare the frequency to Cpu-z to be sure the readings are accurate.

Also, the nice thing about HWInfo64, is you can set the sensor pull rate faster or slower also.


Another App you can try to utilize for your power settings and manually adjusting the core parking is QuickCpu. This utility is pretty good, and not too complicated. The memory section also has a setting to clear the RAM of data sitting that doesn't need to be. 



- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! - - Your post codes and beep codes in the drop down below -




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