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Upgrade from 4TB Mechanical Drive to SSDs?

So I recently switched my board over to something with a modern NVME slot, and after all this hype about NVME storage on the new consoles I guess I should buy one.

... NVME SSD, not a PS5. Ha, thank Sweeny.

Currently my set up is, well, complicated. I have 2 500GB SATA SSDs, one is my Windows install, the other Manjaro Linux. Then I have a 4TB that I've partitioned in half because Steam really doesn't like NTFS on Linux. I've decided that the golden number of drives in my rig is three. One NVME, and 2 SSD drives otherwise I will begin limiting what cases I could use and I've found out the more drives and partition present on boot up, the slower the boot up. There's two issues I'm facing while deciding how to go about this. One is that how do I handle downsizing from 4TBs to an amount of storage that isn't going to cost me an entire new computer yet give me enough space for next gen games that will probably have monster install sizes? I did plan to invest in a NAS for Nextcloud/Plex/Phone backups, so add that to the cost. The second is trying to figure out how truthful fast NVME storage is going to benefit games. The only affordable option I see for NVME is 1TB and since I don't really want to dual boot, only one OS will be on that drive if that. The alternative is to install my games on to the NVME drive for next gen games, but again I may partition that. Is anyone really convinced gaming on NVME will make a big difference compared to a good SATA SSD in the coming console generation?

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For now atleast, higher performance ssd won't make a difference in games. 


Do you have a performance issue now? Id probably just wait and upgrade later, a sata ssd vs a nvme one for most users is a very small performance difference.

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