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USB 3.1 gen 2 front panel adapter

Hey everyone


I got a USB 3.1 gen 2 connector on my mobo that my case's front pannel is supposed to plug into, however , due to the location of the connector on the mobo, am going to have to bend the cable rather sharply to avoid other stuff in my case like my pump.

Am both worried about bending the cable like that and second it looks butt ugly.  I am guessing I need a 90 degree male to female
adapter for the connector but I couldnt find it anywhere, the closest i could find was that Asrock made them for people who bought one of their motherboards due since they were all complaining about the design of the board putting it in a weird location. The problem is that they didnt make the adapter available for resale.
Can anyone give me some ideas?


I attached a picture from another person having the exact same issue and also here is the closest thing i could find, however its for usb 3.0    not   3.1 :(


any ideas ?

am sure modders must have had to deal with stuff like this



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