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PC not shutting down from Windows




Skip the First Paragraph if you don't want to read my frustration about ASUS.

A few months ago I added some custom Context Menu Entries for some File Types in the registry which worked pretty fine but on the other Hand bricked my Windows Update somehow, but that's an other story.

So yesterday I decided to do a fresh clean Windows Install.

First of all I have to tell you my frustration, since the ASUS Support doesn't give AF. All that ASUS Software Stuff is a complete mess, Armory Crate messes up my Adressable RGB Driver, it doesn't save specific settings,

there is an imcomplete RAID Driver on the ASUS Website for the X570 F-Gaming. Armory Crate doesn't install the AI Suite at all. That's all even more messy than the old AI Suite on my 990FX Board which I had to fix myself cause' those

Bastards just stopped supporting it when Windows 10 came out, even if the fix just required to modify the setup packages for a few minutes, but all another story too. My main problem was allready there than.

Still not getting anything to work propperly today at 3am I decided to go to sleep and did a new Windows Installation in the morning, getting all the drivers directly from AMD, NVidea, Intel and Realtek.

To get the AI Suite to work I had to get the CD that came with my Board and but it in my PC, because I am one of those guys who still likes to have an Optical Drive in his Gaming Rig (Shame on you Linus) since that was the only version that worked, also downloaded the classic AURA Sync Software because I am done with Armory Crate and MSI Afterburner because GPU Tweak II showes an 8 digit CPU Usage in percent since I got my 3700X in On-Screen Overlay.


Long Story short I did the latest BIOS update and two clean Windows Installations. When I shut down my PC with Windows it stays on, no matter if Enery Save Mode, Restart or Shut Down.

The Display is of and the PC stays on all the fans, the RGB, and another interesting thing, it gets noticeably hot, when you hold your Hand abouth it, like while gaming or stress test. The System Drive blinks for a short period every now and then.

And you have to cut the power or hit reset button to get it off.

That must me a Windows Issue, because from the UEFI or with a Linux Stick it does restart and shutdown fine.

The only Thing I have changed was the BIOS Update and I am using Hardware RAID instead of Windows Stoftware Raid now.

The longest time I let it try to shut down was about 5 minutes, because I don't like my PC getting hot when I can't monitor anything.

It does not happen all the time when I installed all the drivers and had to restart then it worked most of the times.


Hope anybody has a good idea, or has had that problem before

I thank it is some sort of driver Issue but I can't figure it out since allready did install Windows twice with different versions of some drivers.


Thanks guys,






AMD Ryzen 3700X

ASUS X570 F-Gaming

ROG Strix 1080Ti

250GB NVMe System Drive

2 120GB Samsung Evo SATA Drives in RAID0

2 other SATA HDDs (2 and 6TB) arranged as Volume

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So I found my Problem.

I always had a pagefile on my SSDs, there seems to be a problem with the Windows Pagefile and the Hardware Raid Controller.

So I turned off the Pagefile and it works perfectly fine now.

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