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24" IPS HDR Monitor Help?!


Monitor Requirements

1. 24" approx (27" is too large)

2. HDR 10 or greater (HDR10 plus +?)

3. IPS

4. 1080p min. 4k is a bonus, but not necessarily needed.

5. 144Hz min. (preferably 240Hz) willing to have lower refresh-rate for greater visuals in movies.

6. Prefer a glossy/ glass like screen over a matte non-reflective screen.

Honestly if there is a 4k HDR+ with very high nit peak brightness with a lower refresh-rate (60hz)  I am all ears. 


So far on LTT videos from Mar 15th, 2020. There are two monitors that are exactly what I am looking for but are too large.

They had;

1. LG UltraGear 27GN750

2. ACER Nitro XV273X


Does anyone know of smaller screens from brands like Lg, Samsung, or Acer? 




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That seems to be a good list of current HDR monitors.


It seems like 27" is the entry point for a good quality HDR monitor @ 144hz. 

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