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iPhone 6s Water Damage?

I recently accidentally brought my iPhone 6s in the bathroom while showering and water got dropped on the display (it wasn't fully submerged or fully covered it was mostly on the lower half of the screen and the home button). Ever since, audio has been laggy even with AirPods and wired earbuds, my home button doesn't register anything when I click it, but weirdly Touch ID has had no problems. I read on iFixit that you should check the water damage indicator in the sim tray slot and I did but it's white, indicating that there's no water damage (at least that got to the sim slot). My home button will sometimes start working for like 2 minutes but will stop. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help :) 

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Hi there,


Your problem sounds exactly like what I encountered with my iPhone 6s - same partial submerge of the display and everything else. Here is my suggestion for you:


first of all, follow a proper guide from a reliable online resource and disassemble the phone;

use a soft brush dipped in alcohol and clean every single part of the iPhone, and let the unit dry completely;

then, replace the existing battery with a new one.


As far as I know, this should solve the issue and get your iPhone back in condition. But, if you experience trouble with the Home button even after these steps, you may have to replace the flex cable there.

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