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Aura Creator Not applying effects.



Long story short: Nothing I do in Aura creator does anything. Not a single glimpse of light. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


I had armory crate installed and after beeing extremely dissapointed with it I uninstalled it and installed the older aura software (which has many more, much beter effects).


I know I cant select my aura creator profile in the old software, but Creator itself applies effects and also tries to show them live. But If i click apply it just turns everything off (presumably because it doesnt work correctly). It did that with the newest armory crate as well.


Oh and also the mainboard itself isnt doing anything with the old software; it was with the new. (You can see in the pic its kind of grayed out, while the ram and strips shown white.


I attached a pic of what aura and aura creator looks like for me.


PS: I know that all asus aura software is total sh*t. I hate it. But apparently there is not a single 3rd party software for this... If anyone knows anything, please let me know.





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