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Worth upgrading or better build a new?

Budget (including currency):  200/250 EU/USD if upgrading is worth

Country: EU

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Steam link gaming host

Existing pc from 2013/14 

Motherboard: asrock b85 pro4 

Cpu: i7 4790 @3,6ghz

Ram: 12gb ripjaw ddr3 1660 dualchannel

Gpu: amd radeon r9 280 3gb 

Powersupply: 650w 

HDD: 500gb 10000rpm hdd

Now the question is, is it worth trying to upgrade this old rig without going to waste money? 

I will use it to host 1080p 30fps steam link on my other Android devices via 5ghz wifi, do not need the maximum settings bcuz gonna play primarly on 6 or 7inch display. 

Thanks in advance. 


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That seems like a perfectly fine system for this

Community Standards || Tech News Posting Guidelines


CPU: R5 3600 || GPU: GTX 1080 || Memory: 16GB @ 3200 || Cooler: Noctua D15 || PSU: 750W EVGA G2 || Case: Define C

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If it was fine i will not have make this thread hehe 

Btw I'm expiriencing huge frame drops while gaming via steam link with Games like Monster hunter world or assassins creed odissey, cant reach stable 30 fps as it is. (without hosting works fine at medium settings, but seems to lack power to stream) 

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I've found a second hand GTX 1070 for 140€ / 150$ and a 1070ti for 20 more bucks is it worth for upgrade this rig?

Maybe is better go for a RX 570 or 580?

Another question, does my 650w PSU is enough?


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