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All but 1 USB ports simultaneously died

I transferred my pc to a new case and all the USB ports - front case and rear motherboard USB ports - except the single motherboard USB 3.1 stopped working. Tried the devices in another computer and they all work fine. Mobo is an MSI Z370 gaming pro carbon. 

Additional problems maybe caused by the same thing are the reset switch no longer working and the computer not powering off properly when pressing the power button or clicking hibernate/shut down/restart in windows. The computer ‘stops’ but the motherboard and fans stay ‘on’ requiring holding the power button. 

Full specs:

Intel i3-8350k
Nvidea gtx 780ti
32gb ddr4 ram
Msi z370 gaming pro carbon mobo
1TB WD Blue and 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 HDDs

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