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Strange problem with RTX 2070 Super


Hello, recently I bought RTX 2070 Super and it's been mostly fine, but here's the problem: it's doing great in demanding 3D games (like Doom Eternal)

but seems to be stuttering a lot in more simple games, like Terraria. By stuttering I mean high FPS but clearly not smooth at all.

I think microstuttering is the term. Another example: in Fury Unleashed (2D platformer with some shader effects) it's 144fps smooth

but occasionally it stutters for a few seconds without dropping any frames. Mouse cursor feels very nasty to move at that time.

Also in Subnautica it's mostly fine as far old Unity game goes (60-80fps), but sometimes there's a noticeable stutter when I open inventory menu.

Some other games I tested which run great: Killing Floor 2, Euro Truck Sim 2, Rocket League and Grim Dawn.


Here's my system:
Win7 64
Asus B85 Pro Gamer
650W PSU Corsair I think
1440p 144hz monitor


I used to have GTX 970 and installed it back to test and all 2D games run smooth as they used to.
So I reckon the problem is within the new GPU or there's some sort of incompatibility.

I thought CPU is bottlenecking but it never gets to 100%, besides games like Terraria aren't very demanding in the first place.


Here are things I've tried:
-Setting Power Management to maximum
-Clearing old drivers with DDU and testing 442.74 and 445.87 versions
-Various fixes for microstuttering I found on Youtube
-Messing with Vsync (limiting to 60 and unlocking)


Any ideas and suggestions are very welcome.

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Does the monitor have G-sync or Freesync II?

Windows 7 isn't supported anymore, you should definitely upgrade to Windows 10 while you can still do it for free, not only for the support but also the up to date drivers and better software compatibility.

Are you running Windows and the games on an SSD or standard HDD?

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If you ask for a Mid Tower case recommend, I will 90% of the time recommend the Fractal Design Meshify C or S2.

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Monitor has G-sync compatibility, I'm running games and Windows on SSD.

Installing Win10 is something I thought about but I'm not sure it will help (and I really really don't like Win10).


What's really bugging me is that when I change switch back to GTX 970 everything is perfect. Somehow it doesn't feel like different Windows would help.


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