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Laptop for entry level photo/video

I don't know anything about photo or video editing.

My wife though has it as serious enough hobby over the years that she received her first commission work. She's also been using this 5 year old, 17", 5lb+, integrated graphics card laptop. 

Mostly she's been using her Galaxy Note 8 and now S20 with some app to film and edit.

She has a Sony A6000, but hasn't really used it as she doesn't have any editing software other than the phone.

Looking for recommendations for a laptop for entry level photo and video editing, and can play the Sims4 level of games as a side goal.


I've been told this is the editing software I need: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/system-requirements.html and based on that I've found some $1000 range laptops.

This is a cheaper software, non-subscription: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/

And this really highlights the issue I'm having with these tech and blog sites acting like everyone wants to go full-bore on something right out the gate.


I'm unsure what quality of a display is needed though, obviously the better resolution I can get the better, and I want to avoid backlight bleed. When it comes to colors and contrast, I'm lost.

Not sure where I can cut corners on this either. She'd not doing this all day, and moving up from a phone.


A lot of blogs I saw were in the $$$$ range or big 'ol desktop replacements. She likes my work issued 15" MacBook Pro's size. Cheaper the better. I'm fine with dropping $1200, but she's asked me to return high dollar items before :( So the lower price, the less likely that occurs!

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