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New to the PC realm, need help

Hello everyone! So i am new to the whole pc realm and i am learning a lot of new stuff through helpful forums like these and others. But doing things on my own has got me in a rut. Long story short, i started with a 1TB HDD and a 120GB SSD. I got another 256GB SSD to get some extra space. I am now getting into the M.2 game to replace the 120GB SSD. I want to move all my files around to be on certain drives but now i have copies on all kinds of drives and all this unallocated space and i am not really sure what to do. I have considered basically doing a wipe of everything and starting over with a fresh new installation of the os. Is there a better way to sort out all my stuff? Or would a wipe be my best option? Thanks!!

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1 hour ago, j_olsen1 said:

copies on all kinds of drives and all this unallocated space

You mean you got partitions that use only a part of disks ? Your post is kind of all over the place :) 


When not sure of what was done etc and having a copy of data a wipe is a good thing because you start with clean slate and setup everything from scratch as it should be.

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