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MSI RTX 2080 super ventus xs oc waterblock?!?!?!?

Hey guys! I recently built a mini ITX computer and im in love with the performance of it. Specs will be below. 

Long story short I wanted to build a rig to travel with that would have almost the same performance of my big gaming rig. I didn't however want to spend as much as i did the first time for something that would spend 95% of its time as a netflix computer lol. I bought a msi rtx 2080 super ventus xs oc off of a guy we had mutual friends with for 300 bucks brand new. The card performs amazing but gets a bit toasty with the factory cooler ~84c. I have been looking to buy a full cover waterblock for it to connect it to the custom loop that's already in the case. One massive problem, Its not a reference card. The only manufacture I can find is bits power and they want $175~ USD for it. Being a budget system I feel that's a bit steep. Is there anyone out there that can recommend me to something that works or even a different manufacturer that has a full coverage block? 

Thanks so much guys


Mini Specs


Corsair SFX 600watt PSU

Asus strix x570i ITX board

AMD ryzen 7 3800x 

Trident z neo 32gb ram kit at 3600mhz

2x 500 gb samsung NVMe gen 3 drives and 2 250 gb ssd 

msi rtx 2080 super ventus xs oc



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