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[Ubuntu] Snapraid with 2 or more parity

I would like to have 2 parity drives but I don't know if i did it correctly.




# Example configuration for snapraid


# Defines the file to use as parity storage
# It must NOT be in a data disk
# Format: "parity FILE_PATH"
parity /mnt/parity1/snapraid.parity
2-parity /mnt/parity2/snapraid.parity


# Defines the files to use as content list
# You can use multiple specification to store more copies
# You must have least one copy for each parity file plus one. Some more don't hurt
# They can be in the disks used for data, parity or boot,
# but each file must be in a different disk
# Format: "content FILE_PATH"
content /var/snapraid.content
content /mnt/disk1/snapraid.content
content /mnt/disk2/snapraid.content


# Defines the data disks to use
# The order is relevant for parity, do not change it
disk data1 /mnt/disk1/
disk data2 /mnt/disk2/
disk data3 /mnt/disk3/
disk data4 /mnt/disk4/
disk data5 /mnt/disk5/
disk data6 /mnt/disk6/


# Excludes hidden files and directories (uncomment to enable).


# Defines files and directories to exclude
# Remember that all the paths are relative at the mount points
# Format: "exclude FILE"
# Format: "exclude DIR/"
# Format: "exclude /PATH/FILE"
# Format: "exclude /PATH/DIR/"


exclude /.lost+found/

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