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PC Randomly Power Cycling

For the past few months (starting in February I believe), my PC has been randomly power cycling while I play games. There does not seem to be a trend in games that it happens in; it most frequently happens in Civilization 6, however it has also happened in Skyrim Special Edition, Battlefield V, SWTOR, Modern Warfare (2019), Destiny 2, CS:GO, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. There are a number of games I play frequently in which it has not power cycled while playing such as Minecraft, Planet Zoo, DiRT Raly, GTA V, and Fallout 4. I have not found anything about anyone having a problem like this on the forum or anywhere else on the internet so I'm really dumbfounded.


My PSU is a Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum 750W, my motherboard is an MSI MEG z390 ACE (with latest BIOS, checked today), my CPU is an i7 9700k OCed to ~5GHz, my GPU is an 2080ti (MSI Duke OC), and my ram is 4x8 Kit of Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB @ 3200MHz CL16. I have tried disabling the overclock on my CPU and GPU as well as turning off XMP but to no avail. I have also tried unplugging and plugging back in all of the power cables from the motherboard and GPU (as well as from the PSU side) but that did not work either. I have tried plugging my PC into different outlets in my home office, as well as different power strips/ surge protectors (it is normally plugged into an APC SurgeArrest).I have also tried clearing the CMOS. Despite changing all of these variables it still happens frequently. The next thing I'm going to try is using a new power supply (same model I have now but perhaps I just got a bad unit). I may also try swapping out the motherboard for a different one (bad VRM perhaps?) if a new PSU doesn't work.


It would be greatly appreciated in anyone had any advice or insight as to what could be causing this issue and any possible solutions, Thanks!


UPDATE 5/15/20: I seem to have fixed the problem. After many hours(days really) of trouble shooting I have finally gotten my system to be stable again. The first thing I did was use the Windows 10 media creation tool USB I have for putting widows on to all my systems to "upgrade" my windows to the latest update (which was already installed but it seems to have reinstalled it along with all of my drivers) which caused the system to stop randomly power cycling. (phew). However games started randomly crashing and I got 2 blue screens within a 24 hour period. Luckily I solved this relatively quick too. I reseated my memory, GPU, and re-mounted my CPU cooler (I was going to reseat the CPU too but somehow forgot to). During this process I also replaced my IC Diamond with some Noctua NT-H1 and have gotten surprisingly lower temps (- ~4C, both overclocked and stock while under decent load). When I booted up for the first time after doing all that, it loaded into windows and then immediately blue screened, however when it booted up after that it brought me into a windows first time setup screen that asked me about setting up the recent recent activity viewer and setting up my phone with windows (neither of which I said yes too) and since then (early this morning) everything has worked absolutely fine, no crashes, errors, power cycles, etc.Clearly a combination of things i did worked, i dont know whatthe key factor of all these errors was in the first place but i am glad to have finally fixed all of this. I hope that this can help someone else out. :)

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Just now, BlueScope819 said:

I honestly have no idea, you have tried all the steps I would outline. How does it power cycle? Does it cut right to a black screen, with all of the fans going dark? Or does the screen go black, the fans ramp up to max speed, and then it restarts? I personally don't really know why that may happen, I would make sure your cooler has full and complete contact with your CPU, as overheats may cause power cycles, but besides that, you have really covered all the bases. If that fails, you can try and RMA your PSU / motherboard, or if you have another PSU to try with, do that.

It just cuts right to a black screen, fans go dark and stop spinning then starts right back up. My CPU cooler (Corsair H115i PRO RGB) is definitely making full contact, my CPU temps are fine, I have monitored the temps of all my components and there hasn't been any overheating when this happens. I unfortunately don't have another PSU I can throw in here (only available one is an FSP 400W from a while back but considering my system sips ~500-540W while gaming I'm not sure that would make the grade hahaha. I'm gonna RMA my PSU, hopefully it doesn't take too long for another one to get shipped to me. 

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